1. Interpretation
Officers of synod
2. Vice-presidents
3. Secretary
4. Assistant secretary
5. Legal adviser
6. Terms of appointment
Meetings of synod and houses
7. Convening of meetings of synod
8. Ordinary meetings of synod
9. Meetings of synod by request
10. Separate meetings of houses
Notice of meetings of synod
11. Notice of ordinary meetings
12. Notice of special meeting
13. Chairmanship of synod
14. Chairmanship of separate meetings of houses
15. General powers of chairman
16. Special powers of chairman
Business of meeting of synod
17. Agenda: content
18. Circulation of agenda
19. Business permitted to be considered
20. Order of business
21. Varying the order of business
22. Form of notice of business
23. Length of notice of business
24. When notice not required
Procedure at meetings
25. Quorum
26. Participation by non-members
27. Order of speeches
28. Breach of order
29. Points of order
30. Personal explanations
31. Interruptions not otherwise permitted
32. Speaking to a motion
33. Speaking more than once
34. Length of speeches
35. Admission of press and public
Motions and amendments
36. Moving motions or amendments
37. Withdrawal
38. Reconsideration and rescission
39. Division of text
40. Reference back not permitted
41. Amendments: when permitted
42. Amendments: when not permitted
43. Amendments to amendments
44. Notice of amendment
45. Form of amendments
46. Content of amendments
47. Order of consideration of amendments
Procedural motions
48. Procedural motions: content
49. Procedural motions: when not permitted
50. Motion for next business
51. Motion for adjournment of synod
52. Motion for adjournment of debate
53. Motion for closure
54. Speech limit
55. Motion for suspension of standing orders
56. Voting: assent of Bishop and houses
57. Procedure for decisions
58. Matters referred under Article 8
59. Separate votes
60. Majority required for decisions
61. Opinion of Bishop
62. Voting rights of chairman
63. Mode of voting
64. Questions: to whom addressed
65. Content of questions
66. Persons authorised to reply
Committees and other bodies
67. Sodor and Man Diocesan Board of Finance
68. Church Commissioners for the Isle of Man
69. Standing committee: membership
70. Elections to standing committee
71. Chairman of standing committee
72. Functions of standing committee
73. Statutory committees
74. Other committees
75. Committees: application of provisions
76. Representation on other bodies
77. Membership of committees
78. Duration of membership of committees
79. Sub-committees
80. Mode of election to committees
81. Nominations for elections to committees
82. Elections to committees
83. Representation of deaneries
84. Casual vacancies on committees
85. Directions by standing committee
Proceedings of committees and other bodies
86. Chairmanship of committees
87. Quorum of committees
88. Voting on committees
89. Agenda and minutes of committees
90. Reports of committees
91. Committees: general
Special business
92. Doctrinal matters and forms of service
93. References by General Synod: preliminary
94. References by General Synod: debate and report
95. References to deaneries and parishes
96. Matters raised by deaneries and parishes
Financial business
97. Functions of board of finance
98. Draft budget
99. Annual accounts
100. Notice of proposals involving expenditure
Legislative business
101. Notice of measures
102. Consideration of measures
103. Subordinate legislation
104. Application of English legislation
Supplemental provisions
105. Term of office of nominated members
106. Procedural defects
107. Amendment of standing orders
Constitution of Committees etc.
1. Standing Committee
2. Church Commissioners for the Isle of Man
3. Sodor and Man Diocesan Board of Finance
4. Legislative Committee
5. Vacancy in See Committee
6. Sodor and Man Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches
7. Panels of members of Bishop's Disciplinary Tribunal
8. Panels of members of Appeal Tribunal under Pastoral Measure