General Note

Part 1 — Introductory
1. Short title
2. Commencement
3. Interpretation
4. General duty
5. General functions of Commissioners
6. Functions of Commissioners in respect of closed churches
Part 2 — Contents and effect of pastoral schemes
7. Creation, alteration or dissolution of benefices and parishes
8. Holding of benefices in plurality
9. Establishment of team ministries
10. Status and functions of members of team ministry
11. Establishment of group ministries
12. Termination and alteration of team ministries and group ministries
13. Status and duties of new benefices
14. Designation, selection and admission of certain incumbents
15. Operation of schemes dispossessing clergy
16. Provisions as to parish churches
17. Places of worship
18. Closure of churches for regular public worship
19. Churches not to be closed or disposed of otherwise than under this Measure
20. Use of certain churchyards and burial grounds
21. Disposal of human remains
22. Parsonage houses
23. Patronage
24. Endowments, income, etc.
25. Supplementary provisions of pastoral schemes
26. Amendment and revocation of pastoral schemes
27. Further provisions as to contents and effect of pastoral schemes
28. Procedure for making pastoral schemes
Part 3 — Miscellaneous and general
29. Suspension of presentation for up to 5 years
30. Sequestration of profits, appointment of priest in charge and management of property
31. Restrictions on presentation pending the making of pastoral schemes
32. Modification of 1986 Measure where presentation is suspended or restricted
33. Suspension of new rights of patronage
34. Trusteeship of certain charities during vacancy or suspension
35. Pastoral account
36. Payment of expenses from diocesan pastoral account and application of money
37. Compensation of office-holders
38. Vesting of property
39. Power of Commissioners to determine boundaries
40. Application to benefices in the patronage of the Crown
41. Notices and other documents
42. Churches etc. affected by Acts of Tynwald
43. Provisions where there is no … incumbent etc.
43A. Parochial church council with insufficient members
44. Pluralities not to be authorised except under Measure
44A. Mission initiatives
45. Saving for planning legislation
46. Mission partnerships and deaneries
48. Transitional provisions, amendments and repeals
Schedule 1 Further provisions as to content and effect of pastoral schemes
Schedule 2 Procedure for making pastoral schemes
Schedule 3 Buildings closed for regular public worship
Schedule 4 Disposal of human remains
Schedule 5 Sequestration of benefice property during suspension
Schedule 6 Compensation of office-holders
Schedule 6A Mission initiatives
Schedule 7 Transitional provisions
Schedule 8 Amendment of enactments
Schedule 9 Modifications of Church Representation Rules
Schedule 10 Enactments repealed

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